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When I heard that we were going to this thing called Sandwick I didn’t know what this was. But when I got there It looked pretty cool. The first Station was carpentry. That was one of the ones that I had the most fun In because we got to build the frame for a wall and I thought that was pretty fun.

So the second station that our group did was drywall. The reason why I liked that one was because we got to cut a hole In the wall. Then we got to patch a piece of drywall back on but we had to put a strip of drywall tape on then we had to put the drywall putty on so it would dry. Then you can paint over it.

After we were done the whole station. I thought all the students knew what they were talking about and they were all really friendly. So overall Mr. Gray’s students did a really great job.

Thanks Mr. Grey for a great learning experience!.



Top Ten Skates

This week I’m going to be writing a post about the top ten skates. The reason why  I’m going to be writing a post about the top ten skates is because I love skates. The reason why is because they are the most important thing in all your gear because if they don’t fit write your are pretty much toast. So let’s get on with the video. Well my favorite skates are the nexus 1000s the reason why I like them is because I’m going to be getting them and because they feel really good. The Nexus 100s cost about 850$ to 900 dollars. So here is the video.

Ted Talk

Hi Everybody!

I a’m going to be writing the Ted Talk that we watched today. Ted Talk is a whole bunch of videos that have a topic to them and they talk about the inovative ideas. The Video was about the Internet. He was talking about how if you were on Mac and you search on google up Canada and then if you were on a pc and searched up Canada on google you would get two different results. I thought the video was very interesting how that works in the internet world. I think it is a problem because if you searched the topic up 1 week after you won’t get the same results for your project. Let’s say you are doing an esay and you serched up hock sticks and you got these results but lets say there was all this other infomatoin that was filtered out and that you might of wanted to see but it wasn’t their.I think it was inspiring because what if I worked for google I would try to change that right away so everything woud work out right.


Here’s one questoin that I have for you guys. How would you feel about that happening to you and not having all the information how would you feel?
By: Bekkam

Cuneiform Writing

Have you ever seen line shape writing?  Well,here you have, Cuneiform writing. Cuneiform writing was the earliest writing system. It dates back to over 8,0eiform00 BC. The writing started as pictographs. Pictographs were pictures that the  Sumerians used to record information and keep track of

The tablets that the Sumerians used were made of clay.The clay tablets were normally all square ? The Sumerians began by using  clay tokens to represent things. Later they also told stories and recorded laws. They also wrote about their gods.


Photo Credit: mharrsch via Compfight cc

I made a tablet that had my name in cuneiform writing but it was what we made up. My name was only 2 symbols. Then I made a RC Helicopter out of straight lines. The reason why I put the RC helicopter on was because it’s one my favourite hobby hobbies, after playing hockey. Have you ever learned about cuneiform writing and the Sumerians


My Favorite Animal is a Parrot

Well,  hello readers!

My favourite animal is the Blue and Yellow Macaw Parrot. The reason why I like Blue and Yellow Macaw Parrot is because they are a very smart bird that you can train so they can talk to you when you speak to them. When I looked at them in a picture I notice that the colors on the Blue and Yellow Macaw were really nice colors with the green on the top of their head to me really looked nice. But the thing that I really liked about the blue and yellow macaw was that when they’re in the air flapping their wings they  look very attractive.

Would you want a bird? Well I would.



My Hockey Equipment

Well,  there is a lot to being a hockey player. Like everything takes practice to get better at what you want to get better at.

So now get to the equipment part of my post.

This is my hockey stick is one of the main parts to being a hockey player. The reason I like the hockey stick is that it is pretty light and because it has  grip right down the stick.

The thing that I like about the Reebok Pumps below is the pump part of  them are pretty light. So what I like about the pumps as you can see on the picture on the green part it shows that it locks your ankle in to the skate so it isn’t loose in the skate when your skating in a hockey game or practicing on the ice. So that is another thing I like about them is that they are a very convertible skate to wear. I would recommend them to someone who has lumps on their foot or have no arch on their foot.

Would you want to play hockey? Leave your comments below.









Top 10 Hits In the NHL

Hello everybody. Well, I’m going to be showing you the top 10 hits in the NHL in the past couple years. My favorite one of them was number 3. The reason I like the hit is because I don’t like Heatly and I like Kronwall and I thought it was a good hit to separate Heatly from the play. The important thing about separating the player from the puck is that you are taking the guy out of the play to not have so much guys coming at you on the rush.

Hope you  like it! Do you play hockey or a sport that requires hiting. Please tell me what you like about the sport that you play and what are good and bad things about it.

By: Bekkam

My Favourite Object In School

My favorite object in school is the pencil.  Because that’s what you use to write everything with. But one thing I don’t like about the pencil is that you have to sharpen your pencil every once in a while. And another thing that I don’t like about the pencil is that if you drop it the lead brakes inside and then when you go to sharpen it it takes twice as long.

color bricks








Photo Credit: Luz Adriana Villa via Compfight

Rememberance Day Poem

I am The Unknown Soldier

Remember me

I am lost in the battlefield
Not knowing what to do.

There are bullets flying around us
My friends are dying right beside me.

We don’t have a lot of food
And we sleep on the dirty, musty, wet ground.
We are shooting our enemies

And destroying their sons’ hopes of coming home.

Every time we are out shooting
We are putting our lives on the line.
I’m afraid of getting wounded on Vimy Ridge
Or getting shot and Left Their.

The farmer’s hopes were done
Every time I was building a trench I was always having tons of water in my boots
With puttees but that still didn’t work
It was always uncomfortable with water swishing around in my boots
I can’t wash my boots or wash any of my clothes
It’s filthy and gross.
It’s hard work being in war I don’t want to be here
It’s too stressful being here
Watching my fellow friends die.

It is winter
It’s getting even harder to work in the snow
I’m getting frost bite and it’s harder to keep me going as a soldier.
Before I die on  Vimy Ridge.
Everybody who comes to Ottawa to come and thank me for My Work service in WW1. Thank you
I’m The Unknown Soldier. Remember Me.

My Fairy Door

Another golf ball hits the weeds, and as my Dad’s caddy I go insearch of his favorite ball.  I look deep under the ferns and spot a silver object.  When I look closer I notice its a door.   I knocked on the door and eyes bulged out of the peep-hole. I jumped back surprised to find someone looking at me. I asked, “who are you!”

The eyes peering at me answer,”I am a troll in the big wonderland of the west coast rain forest.” Every Day I go walking It seems I always see these fairy doors. I finaly found my dads golf ball and now we are back to our golf game.